Peter Electronic Frequency inverter VD i 400/3E3 4.0 kW 3-phase 400 V

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Peter Electronic Frequency inverter VD i 400/3E3 4.0 kW 3-phase 400 V

絞り込み Peter Electronic

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Features: small design · A simple mechanical and electrical installation · Precise and reliable control for IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors · Induction motors, PM motors, brushless DC motors, synchronous reluctance motors · 14 parameters for the basic settings · Precise digital control by pressing a button · Application macros (industrial, pumps and fan operation) · PTC-input · Maximum rotating field frequency 500 Hz · From 2.2 kW, Integrated braking chopper · Protection type IP20 · Integrated mains filter · Serial communication with Modbus RTU and CANopenFunction: control and setpoint setting via terminals, control unit and bus systems · PWM frequency 4 to 32 kHz · DC braking · Potential free control and signaling contacts · 150% overload for 60 s · Detailed error diagnostics with parameter set o · Integrated PI-controller · U/f characteristic curves control · Open Loop Vector Speed Control · Open loop speed control for synchronous motors · BLDC-vector control · SynchronreluktanzmotorPreferred areas of application: Pumps, grinding machines, fans, textile machines, wood processing machines, conveyor systems, printers, packaging machinesThis text is machine translated.


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