Millennium Chess Genius Chess computer

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Millennium Chess Genius Chess computer

絞り込み Millennium

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One of the strongest chess computer game of all times with the world champion software chess genius The Englishman Richard Long, with not less than 10 world championship titles in computer chess without a doubt as most successful chess programrs of all times apply. His legendary chess genius program succeeded in winning a chess program on 31.08.1994 the historic first via a President-in-Office of the World Chess Champion at an official tournament: World Champion Garry Kasparov was the Intel Grand Prix tournament in London with 1.5:0.5 point defeated.The millennium chess genius, this award-winning world champion program. With its playing strength of more than 2,000 ELO (according to international tournament standard) and due to its virtually infinitely variable adjustment options, it is the perfect game partner for all chess players, no matter whether you are a beginner, Club player or more tournament players.Anatoly Karpov recommended by the multiple World Chess Champion Game stages & Game Difficulty:· Almost unlimited number of difficulty levels can be set· Average time per train can be set variably.· Max. Total time per game can be set variably.· Tournament stages for strong players available· Numerous levels especially for beginners· Display of Zugvorschlagen· Display of the second best, third-best four best, etc. chess trainSpecially designed for chess professionals· Over 20,000 opening positions· Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chess-board display)· Display of the position evaluation and main variant· Typing any chess positionsSpecially designed for beginners· Chess Trainer: Warns of poor trains, their withdrawal and makes· Suggestions for improvement for more optimal.· The Help function: Display of all legal.· Unlimited number back on again and again with your friends and family.Features & user comfort· Comfortable menu system for easy system settings· Large, illuminated display shows the whole chess board.· Extra large chess board· Multi-lingual user guide.· Different game modes: Player against computer, player against player, etc.· Power-saving mode (Computer expects is also available during the opponent thinks or switches off when not in use).Highlight the chess-WM 2016:Use your chess computer and play the most exciting areas of Sergey Karjakin and World Champion Magnus Carlsen The chess fans all over the world are looking forward to a new WM-duel - the change of generation in the World Chess is perfect Norway's Shooting Star Magnus Carlsen must defend his title against the young Russians Sergey Karjakin. Through his victory in the tournament, the 26-year-old Moscow candidate Sergei Karjakin acquired the right to the almost peers Defender Magnus Carlsen from Norway to challenge.  The Match of the young super-gro in conjunction with the 11. - 30. November in New York. On the final day celebrates its 26 th anniversary - whether as Carlsen World Champion, after the strong presence of karjakin completely open.With the extremely game strong chess computers chess genius and the brand new chess genius PRO, you can - thanks to interactive zugeingabe and analysis function - each train of the WM-fight for games and analyze the profound thoughts of the chess geniuses. This means chess pleasure at the highest level This text is machine translated.


ブランド Millennium
カテゴリー テレビゲーム本体
製品出荷 Chess Genius chess computer,3 x AA alkaline batteries,Navigation menu
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