1:16 British Challenger 2 RC Tank - 2.4GHz

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1:16 British Challenger 2 RC Tank - 2.4GHz

絞り込み Heng Long

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This is the newest RC tank from Heng Long and this time they have gone modern and British This tank is a detailed replica of the Challenger 2 main battle tank that is currently in service with the UK army. This the firing version that also comes with the smoke generator and sound generator module. The tank also features the latest 2.4GHz radio system that allows multiple tanks to be used at the same time as well as better range and reliability. The tank fires 6mm standard plastic BBs and comes with some included. From the radio handset you have full control of the turret that can move up and down as well as rotate and then press the fire button to launch one of the BBs. The tracks work like a real tank with each track controlled by an independent motor allowing the tank to rotate on the spot. The tracks are realistic as they are made from many independent plates connected together. Each track wheel also has independent suspension making it ready for off road fun. To add to the fun and realism the on board smoke generator puffs out little clouds of smoke from the exhaust while the sound generator simulates the engine sounds, machine gun firing sounds and main gun firing sound. This is a big tank measuring 73cm in length but it still has lots of power thanks to its upgraded high capacity 7.2V 2000mAh Tamiya type battery pack.


ブランド Heng Long
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