12x42 Wide-angle Binoculars Low Light Night Vision Telescope

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12x42 Wide-angle Binoculars Low Light Night Vision Telescope

12x42 Wide-angle Binoculars Low Light Night Vision Telescope

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12X42 Wide-Angle Binoculars Low Light Night Vision Telescope Features Compact 12 x 42 professional binoculars-designed with a powerful 12 times magnification, 18mm large objective lens and large field of view, it is very suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, sports events, etc. Adult binoculars allow you to see distant objects and even capture more details of fast-moving objects. Multi-layer lens and BAK-4 prism: The binoculars are equipped with BAK-4 prism, fully coated lens and objective lens, and use broadband FMC multilayer green film to ensure the key elements of high-definition vision, bright vision and clear images. It can be used at night (but not in a completely dark environment) and provides you with an amazing viewing experience. Easier focus and clearer details: The large 7mm binoculars are equipped with a new phone adapter and tripod. It is 2.25 times the image size of 10mm eyepiece binoculars (such as 10x25, 12x25, 10x21 compact binoculars). Compared with other binoculars, large eyepieces can provide larger images and ensure clearer details. Adjustable eyecup: The rubber cover eyepiece can be rotated up and down to suit different people to adjust the most suitable distance between the eye and the optical lens. People who wear glasses can adjust the soothing feeling of the eyes through a magnifying glass, and feel more comfortable. Non-slip, durable and waterproof: The ergonomic rubber armor has a stable grip and enables precise focusing. The non-slip rubber armor has strong grip, shockproof, non-slip characteristics, and is waterproof (the shell is waterproof, but the lens is not waterproof), which is very suitable for outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, traveling, watching and scenery. size Include: 1setTelescope set

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