Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet with Complete Starter Kit - White

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Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet with Complete Starter Kit - White

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Create A Large Marine Aquarium If you’re on the lookout for something special to add to your home, office or reception area then look no further than our 300 litre capacity fish tank. A freshwater, salt water or tropical aquarium makes the perfect eye-catching feature that creates a relaxing environment and gives you a home for some new fishy friends. This complete set up bundle includes everything, from a pump and filter to plants and gravel, so you can set up your own marine aquarium (just add fish and water of course). With this bundle you’ll get: 300 Litre Fish Tank & Stand Black trim tank with 11mm thick glass and 300 litre capacity Matching black cabinet makes a great fish tank stand with two doors and a useful internal shelf Curved edges of the tank create uninterrupted 180 degree views Built in filter sits over the whole length of the tank which increases the surface area of the filter medium and makes it extremely efficient with a 1800 L/H rate Filter media included Efficient air pump LED strip light bulb creates the perfect aquarium lighting to show off your fishy friends Adjustable & detachable 300W heater helps to set the optimum tank temperature Hinged feeding hatch – feed the fish & analyse the water without taking off the lid Suitable for tropical, salt water and fresh water marine lifeDecorate Your Fish Tank With These Supplies Choose from 4 colours of 25kg 5-8mm gravel: black, white, blue or natural 1 x Large Tree Roots Ornament 3 x 4” Artificial Aquarium Plants 2 x 48cm Artificial Aquarium Plants 2 x 8” Artificial Aquarium Plant with Flower 1 x 25cm Artificial Aquarium Plant 150cm x 70cm reversible plastic backing gives you the choice of a stone background or an underwater backdrop A New Home For Your Tropical Fish Or salt water… or freshwater The gigantic 300 litre aquarium tank has loads of space for all kinds of marine life, ornaments and plants – pretty soon you’ll be rivalling The Great Barrier Reef. With a curved front edge, the thick glass of this fish tank provides amazing 180 degree views of all your new mates, whilst the cabinet underneath makes a fab stand and makes for handy storage space. Please do your research before buying any marine life - it’s best to seek professional advice about keeping fish prior to setting up this fish tank. In some lights this white cabinet will appear to have a lilac shade, this is the UV stabiliser which stops the white colour fading over time. Specifications: Dimensions (including cabinet): 143.5cm high x 120.5cm wide x 39cm deep Tank dimensions: 70cm h x 120cm w x 39cm d Capacity: 300L Heater power: 300W Filtration rate: 1800 L/H Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug


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