Dem-sjs600 Uv Lamps Electromagnetic Water Purification 5l Ultrasound Humidifier

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Dem-sjs600 Uv Lamps Electromagnetic Water Purification 5l Ultrasound Humidifier

By Deerma

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When you think it's not enough to add water to cover, | We improved the product design and transform the top cover on a water injection port, and water is added directly as there is no need to remove the cover. Carefully consider your feelings of use, constantly changing, making the addition of water and always providing moist and healthy air is what humidification team Delma insist on doing. Three water addition methods are available to meet your needs at different times. Today, you can have a more intimate life of humidification. The Delma provides a water humidifier with three types of water added methods: discover and add water, add water directly and lift the water tank to supply water to add water. Choose what you need and accept comfort. Add water directly: you can add water when you without interrupting your life or work. Cover and add water: no need to move the machine, is added a lot of water to maintain hydration. Lift the water tank to add water: Lift the water tank to the water source and add water after cleaning. The sterilization rate of the physical ultraviolet light reaches 99.99%, the effect is excellentLamps using ultraviolet UV-C light released effectively destroys the DNA of the cell, inhibits the reproduction of harmful substances and can kill 99.99% of bacteria in the water. physically clean the water source, no residue after purification, need not worry, breathe healthy and moist air. Water is the key to healthy humidification. After each drop of water enters the humidifier Delmar, it must flow into the UV purification zone and be purified by 254nm UV 360 ° before it can be atomized and emitted. Take the source of water humidified seriously and protect breathing you and your family. In response to the problem of the water tanks are susceptible to pollution, Delmar humidifiers are checked twice, equipped with activated carbon filters to trap impurities and water from external dust and hair; the water tank is up to 20cm diameter, which can easily be reached and cleaned daily; the bottom of the water tank is designed to reduce the corners hide dirt and debris can be cleaned in a single step to clean the water storage. The mist guide tube used to transport the mist of water is the main component of the humidifier, it is generally not removable, washable, and may be dirty inevitably long. Delma humidifier adopts divided mist guideThe tube can be removed and cleaned separately directly to the dirt that can not be hidden and water mist transport process is clean and pollution free. The 5L capacity is equivalent to about 20 to 250 ml mineral water. It can maintain hydration for 12 hours by adding water at once, eliminating the problem of replenishing water and need not wake up in the night to add water, which brings convenience to life and work. The haze hurricane ring 4 cm high and is not sprayed wets the internal area work.The turbo fan humidifier Delmar form a circulating air channel to quickly send into the air. When the water mist is sent to the output area by wind restriction ring haze hurricane 4 cm in width causes the water mist to group and is sent to the time effectively without moisten table, only dampening air and relaxing the skin taut and dry. Choose your favorite fragrance during the day to inspire their work. At home, one smells house offers a nutritious and relax hug the body and mindSleep all night. The aroma box is hidden on the side of the fuselage, easily removable and come with cotton with essential oil filter to pure nutrition. With improved internal structure of the air duct, the noise reduction design is perfect and there is no sound of water droplets after continuous humidification overnight. The ≤34dB light tone is humidified, as smooth as the sound of breathing, so you can hardly feel it. The quiet nutrition does not disturb your sweet sleep. It is also an atmosphere lampLet the dark night be filled with soft light next to the bed to provide a moisturizing humidifier or a warm atmosphereLight. The light orange offers a comfortable quiet night. Humidity, fragrance, heat, waiting for you. When you wake up in the night, you can light the humidifier without worry.

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