Double Raised Cat Bowl, Tilting Anti-vomiting Cat Bowl 3-in-1

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Double Raised Cat Bowl, Tilting Anti-vomiting Cat Bowl 3-in-1

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Product Description Material: environmental protection PP, PET, AS Dimensions: main body length 38cm, width 13.5cm, food bowl diameter 12.5cm, water bowl diameter 9.5cm, water bottle length 19cm (capacity 500ml) Quantity: 1 pcs Package Content: 1 * Three Small Dog Bowls 1. Safety Material: 3-in-1 combination design pet bowl, made of high quality food grade PP / PET / AS material, tasteless, will not harm the health of pets, the removable cat bowl and kettle make it easy to clean, will not produce bacteria, it feeds Ideal for pets 2. Scientific Feeding: The slanted design can protect the cervical spine of the cat and help release the pressure on the animal's neck, facilitate its feeding and promote the health of the digestive system. The depth of the bowl is suitable for the eating habits of cats. The double bowl can be rotated 360 to adjust the angle, providing a more comfortable dining experience for pets. 3. Wet and Dry Separation: In order to meet the different needs of pets, our improved anti-spill cat food bowl has a wet and dry separation design. There are dry food bowls, wet food bowls and sinks. The white floating dish in the sink can prevent pets from getting wet when drinking water. Avoid entry of dust and hair 4. Stable and not Easy to Slide: The flower-shaped base at the bottom of the cat bowl can effectively prevent pets from sliding the cat food bowl left and right when eating. The special design of the water outlet can automatically store water and effectively control the water level. Whether you are at home or not, your pet can drink properly Sanitary water

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