Dual Interface Battery Box

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Dual Interface Battery Box

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Description This 18650 waterproof battery box is mainly optimized on the basis of the traditional 18650/26650 12.6V lithium battery pack. The optimization has the following advantages: 1. This battery box has XP7 waterproof function. 2. The battery does not need spot welding, which greatly reduces the internal resistance of the battery, improves the battery discharge performance, and effectively improves the battery life. 3. Easy to use, using 3 18650/26650 lithium batteries. 4. With DC interface input and output voltage of 12.6V. The USB interface has an output voltage of 5V and a current of 2A, which has the function of charging mobile phones. (Battery input and output voltage error 0.2V) 5. With power display function. (3LED indicator)

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