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Genuine spare part suitable for selected English Electric, Crusader, Electra, Creda, Ariston, Indesit, Hotpoint, Jackson, Proline and English appliances. Compatible with the following models: Ariston A35V(EX)PAI A35VEX A35VEX60 A35VEXAUS A35VEXPAI A36VEX A36VSK A45VEX A45VNA ALE60VFR ALE60VXFR AS60VAG AS60VEX AS60VEXPAI AS60VSK AS60VXAUS AS65VXSNA AS66VXNA ASL60VEX ASL65VXSNA Creda 37591 37592E 37635 37636E 37642 37643 37644 37646E 37649 37652 37653E 37654G 37656 37658 37660 37670 37734I 37740 37742 37743 37745E 37746E 37750 37751 37752 37753E 37760 37761 37762E 37762G 37763X 37766E 37770 37771 37772E 37773X CDV252 CDV262 T400VW T510VW T511VW T512VW T520VW T521VW T522VW T530VW T532VW TDL11PE TDL30PE TDL30PI TDL31PE TDL60PE TR11 TR12 TRE11 TRS11 TU11 TU12 TVR2 TVS3 TVU1 Crusader 37513 37515 37517 CT50V CT51V CT60V Electra 37521 37523 37526E 37664 37664V 37665 37666E 37755 English 33500 English Electric 33500 EE5TDR Export 37615I 37638 37671 37672 37674 37675 37679 37680 37726 37733 37735 476 496R 498R BSL52E BSL55PE D45 DEK-R DK5062 SA151 SA251 SA53 SA53E SE51 SE51E SLE50 SLE62 SW52 SW52A T522SA TDL11PI TL52PI TL61PW TR977A WT401 WT5010 WT5010V WT5011V WT5020 Hotpoint 33500 FETV60CPUK ISA60VFR TDL10P TDL11P TDL12P TDL13P TDL14P TDL15P TDL30N TDL30P TDL30S TDL31N TDL31P TDL31S TDL31YS TDL32N TDL32P TDL32S TDL34N TDL34P TDL34S TDL52N TDL52P TDL52S TDL54N TDL54P TDL54S TDL60N TDL60P TDL60S TDL60YS TDL62N TDL62P TDL62S TFA34N TFA34P TFA34S TFA53N TFA53P TFA53S TL12P TL51A TL51P TL51W TL52A TL52P TL52W TL61N TL61P TL61PE TL61X TL62H TL62N TL62P TL62T TL62U TL62X TL63PE TL64PE TL65PE TL71N TL71P TL71S TL71X TL72PE TVAL73C6GZUK TVAL73C6PZUK TVAL73CGZUK TVAL73CPZUK TVAM70CGZUK TVAM70CPZUK TVEL75B6AUK TVEL75C6GUK TVEL75C6PUK TVEM70C6GUK TVEM70C6PUK TVF760A TVF760G TVF760K TVF760P TVF770A TVF770G TVF770K TVF770P TVFG65B6GUK TVFG65B6PUK TVFG65C6GUK TVFG65C6PUK TVFG85C6GUK TVFG85C6KUK TVFG85C6PUK TVFM60B6GUK TVFM60B6PUK TVFM60C6GUK TVFM60C6PUK TVHM80CGUK TVHM80CPUK TVM35A TVM55A TVM560G TVM560P TVM562G TVM562P TVM570G TVM570P TVM572G TVM572P TVM65A TVYL655C6GUK TVYL655C6PUK TVYM650C6PUK VTD00G VTD00P VTD00T VTD20G VTD20P VTD20T VTD6000PUK VTD60G VTD60P VTD60T VTD65A Indesit G73V G73VU G73VUEX G74EXPAI G74V G74VEX G74VEX60 G74VEXPAI G74VFR G74VNL G74VS G74VSK G84VEX G84VNL <li

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Brand English
Category Washer & Dryer Accessories
Fruugo ID 21949178-47835132
EAN 5057285231327
Retailer VRN 750233954