Feliway Diffuser Classic Spare (Cats , Training Aids , Anti-Stress)

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Feliway Diffuser Classic Spare (Cats , Training Aids , Anti-Stress)

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Helps to solve behavioral problems by creating an environment of well-being for your cat to adapt and feel at ease at home. Characteristics: long description, use, recommendations, format, duration. FELIWAY CLASSIC is a copy of the feline facial pheromone that cats naturally release when they rub their face on people and objects to mark their comfort zone. It is a happy message to cats, making them feel safe and at ease. Using these messages, FELIWAY CLASSIC helps your cat adapt much better to modern life, restores their comfort behaviors and avoids the signs of stress they show by marking with urine spray, vertical scratching or hiding. When to use FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser? - If your cat shows signs of stress such as urine spray marking, scratching on furniture or doors... - If your cat shows behavioral changes such as hiding, less active, less willing to eat, less grooming... as long as there is no medical problem to justify these behavioral changes. - If there are going to be changes in your home: changes of address, changes in decoration, renovations, the arrival of a new member of the family, the arrival of a baby, the arrival of a new pet, periods of changes in schedules or with many visitors? How to use FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser? - Begin use at least 24 hours before arrival home or before changes occur. - Use one diffuser to cover an area of 50-70 m2. Keep it plugged in continuously and in an upright position in the room where the cat spends most of its time. - One refill lasts up to 30 days approximately. - Renew the diffuser every 6 months of continuous use or every 6 refills. - Do not plug behind or under furniture or in places of high ventilation, multiple sockets or extension cords. - FELIWAY has no side effects or contraindications. - It is not a medication. 48 ml refill

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