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Hemp Seed Flour 250 g

By Salud Viva

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Salud Viva 250 gr hemp seeds is a gluten-free flour, suitable for baking and other kitchen applications. It can be used to thicken sauces, or to add to other flours. You can usually replace 25% conventional flour with hemp flour in most recipes. Hemp flour is an excellent addition to your baking, adding the benefit of hemp protein and its high fiber content. Without magnesium stearate, without silicon dioxide ... Only the ingredients indicated. Hemp seeds cannot be ground into flour, because due to their high oil content, an oily paste is formed. To obtain flour, it is necessary to remove the oil content, grind the by-product by pressure to separate the hemp seed oil and thus obtain what we call the hemp cake that is converted into flour for such use. Our hemp flour is perfect to add to breads, muffins, cookies etc. It is rich in protein (29.5% - 32%), gluten-free and with the characteristic light nutty flavor of hemp. Due to its high protein content, simply substitute a small amount of your usual flour in the recipe. This product is made from raw ingredients that have not been heated above 40 ° C to ensure that nutrients and enzymes stay alive. It is recommended to use on the bread by itself, you will have to mix it with other flours, unless you are making a flatbread or a cookie. A 3: 1 ratio produces heavy, hearty bread, but a 7: 1 ratio basically produces a loaf of bread with hints of hemp flavor, somewhat reminiscent of walnut.

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