Hero Master An Epic Game of Epic Fails Custom Dice

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Hero Master An Epic Game of Epic Fails Custom Dice

By The Noble Artist

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Designed, hilariously illustrated and captioned by Jamie Noble Frier, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails is a humorous card game of dysfunctional dungeoneering. As one of Snoozehaven's worst adventurers, you'll be squabbling over the right to be the Party Leader, avoiding the Inchtake-thatInch of the bungling buffoons around you and trying to get enough gold to leave behind your failure-fraught-fellowship. You'll have to manage both your hand and your expectations... you guys really are terrible. You've never really managed it as a hero. In fact, you've been the undoing of many a quest. Half of the parties you've adventured with ended up trapped in a cave-in you triggered, skewered by a trap you detonated or cooked by a monster you thought you could converse with. Somehow you have always ended up leaving unscathed, eager to join another party and change this streak of 'bad luck'. It seems now though, just as a dragon has come to Snoozehaven and heroes look to band together, that your reputation has begun to precede you. As the numbers dwindle in the tavern and heroes sing their way to battle, you realise your hopes rest with the no-hopers sat around you. You're just pleased that you're probably going to be the party leader...
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