Lepicol Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes, 180g

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Lepicol Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes, 180g

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Lepicol Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes 180g Revitalise your digestive system from top to bottom This product contains all the ingredients in the Lepicol Original Formula with the added benefit of Digestive Enzymes. These enzymes help to ensure that food is broken down efficiently, it makes it easier to digest and this means that vital nutrients are better absorbed in the small intestine and waste matter is passed through to the bowels more easily. Lepicol plus Digestive Enzymes - Revitalise your digestive system - top to bottom Our digestive systems are amazing things. They process the food we eat and expel the waste at the other end. But sometimes factors such as stress, ill health, getting older, or today's processed diets may mean that an optimum digestive system isn't something everyone enjoys everyday. When this happens, you can feel bloated, sluggish and generally uncomfortable. Now there's Lepicol plus digestive enzymes, a formulation that has a 4 pronged approach to maintaining a healthy digestive system - 'top to bottom.' * Firstly there are digestive enzymes to help break down the food we eat. Many don't realise that a healthy digestive system and healthy bowels are closely connected. When food is broken down efficiently it makes it easier to digest and this means that vital nutrients are better absorbed in the small intestine and waste matter is passed through to the bowels more easily. * To aid this process, we've included soluble fibres which absorb many times their own weight in water, making it easier for the bowels to expel waste comfortably and without any sudden urgency. * Thirdly, the formulation includes Probiotics which provide healthy bacteria, that are so important in keeping the colon healthy. * Then, to cap it all, we have included Prebiotics, natural extracts from chicory, which work synergistically with the probiotics to help your bowels make their own, healthy bacteria Did you know? Lepicol products are made from natural sources only with no added artificial ingredients. They are gentle on the body which makes them suitable for regular, everyday use. Did you know? Our bodies contain enzymes that break down foods into their separate constituent parts. Some enzymes help to neutralise acidity in the stomach while others break down fats, proteins and starches. The process of digestion starts even before we begin eating. The mere sight or smell of food can trigger our digestive enzymes so they're ready to help digest food and release vital nutrients into the body like vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Our bodies make enzymes naturally. However bodies don't always work to plan. As we age, follow restrictive or processed diets, come under pressure or fall ill, digestion can become more difficult and the number of natural enzymes in the body may start to decline.We may find it harder to cope with spicy foods, and find some foods less easy to digest than others - foods like vegetables or beans that can ferment in the small intestine and produce uncomfortable and embarrassing wind. Food intolerances and allergies can also affect the efficiency of the digestive system. Efficient digestion Sometimes our bodies need a little assistance and taking a digestive enzyme supplement can help the body to digest food efficiently. Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes contains enzymes such as Protease, Betaine Hcl, Ginger Root, Papain, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Bromelain Tips for a healthy digestion * Chew food slowly and thoroughly to reduce the stress on the digestive system and encourage the secretion of the all-important digestive enzymes * Eating too quickly can cause excess gas, so keep your mouth closed when chewing * Don't eat too late * Rest after each meal * Eat small meals, and reduce fat in the meal as much as possible * Try taking Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes before your two main meals each day 'The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. - This old Zen saying should apply to how you eat your food - don't rush it Weight Loss Helped By Taking More Fibre New research from Tufts university in the US suggests that fibre can have a direct impact on your weight. In the research it was found that, those with low levels of fibre in their diets were far more likely to be overweight than those with high levels. Obesity was measured by the BMI (body mass index). It was found that those whose diet included higher percentages of fibre had the lower levels of BMI. There was a direct correlation. Taking Lepicol plus digestive enzymes is an ideal way to get in natural fibre on a daily basis. In addition to the fibre, it also contains digestive enzymes to help you break down the food you eat (this helps you digest and absorb nutrients better) and probiotics to keep your bowels nice and 'friendly.' Lepicol Plus Digestive Enzymes helped Ann with her diet "I'm 51 and have struggled all my adult life to keep my weight down. I tried many different diets but I was always hungry. Eventually, I went on a low carbohydrate diet which was when I discovered Lepicol. Lepicol helped fill me up so that I didn't feel so hungry - this helped me to keep to my diet plan. It also helped to regularize my bowel movements.I take it every morning. The added fibre in my diet helps to keep eveything moving smoothly, without straining or any sudden urgency, even when eating some very odd foods " Ingredients: Psyllium husks, Inulin (prebiotics), Probiotic Cultures: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Digestive Enzymes: Protease, Betaine Hcl, Ginger Root, Papain, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Bromelain. Endorsements from satisfied customers "I read your advertisement in Saga Magazine for which I am eternally grateful as your product Lepicol has helped me get on with my life. THANKS AGAIN " E.M.J., Gwent "Thank you . I will continue to take it forever. My only criticism is, please pack it in gigantic tubs " J.C. "A couple of months ago I saw 'Lepicol' mentioned in a health article I always work on the principle that it's worth trying anything once, just in case it works. I can only say how glad I am that I did The improvement is amazing." M.J.B., Uckfield "Someone suggested that I try Lepicol - Oh what a relief I've been using it ever since, and can once more enjoy a social life." J.S.B., Cirencester "I have at last discovered my 'Little Miracle' called Lepicol. Thank you and all at Lepicol for my 'New Life. Ingredients: Psyllium Husks, Inulin, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidum bacteria, Protease, Betaine Hcl, Ginger Root, Papain, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Bromelain. Contains traces of milk and soya at a level which would not affect lactose intolerance sufferers. Nutritional information: Per (5g) Serving Per (100g) Energy Kj 8.5 169 Energy Kcal 2 40 Fibre g/100g 4.4 88.3 Protein g/100g <1 1.3 Carbohydrate g/100g <1 <1 Fat g/100g <1 <1 Sodium g/100g 0.0025 0.05 Probiotic Cultures 600 million Lepicol is Gluten FREE , wheat FREE, phytate FREE Lepicol is suitable for VEGETARIANS

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