Mobile Game Betop Zbbtp-g2 Magnetic Attraction Combinationred Blue

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Mobile Game Betop Zbbtp-g2 Magnetic Attraction Combinationred Blue

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Features Game Performance: Hardcore Product Type: Handle Connection method: Bluetooth Users: mobile phones, Apple products Product net weight (kg): 0.135kg Product size (mm): 95.7*83.4*46.1mm Product features: Magnetic combination technology, special violent trigger, composite mechanical buttons, fluid curve grip Function: Beitong G2 mobile game handle, hand game Devil May Cry, LOL, chicken artifact, auxiliary button, peace elite, automatic gun, king of glory, one-key combo, Android Apple mobile phone, universal red and blue Support iOS new system, brand new upgrade, breakthrough technology ios 13.4 or lower, ios 13.4, ioS 13.6, ioS 14 *Note: Pressure gun and multi-touch are not supported for the time being above 13.4. Chic and portable, fun everywhere Break through the boundaries of inherent handle design, and developed a magnetic combination technology, which combines the handles on both sides into one, which is more chic and portable. It can be played anywhere in the trouser pocket. Magnetic attraction: 740gf Volume: 0.35dm3 Weight: 130g Designed to control the enemy's back button Play five-finger technique to make enemies in seconds Especially add a back button on the right side. The button fits the fingertips in a large area, and naturally guides the left to aim at the right to fire. The five-finger technique is played high, and the enemy is one step faster. You can also customize the button function to realize high-end operations such as one-key pressing gun and one-key combo. Innovative combination Explore more ways to control the enemy Practical ways to eat chicken Auxiliary pressure gun-refuse to shoot birds, shoot out the gun and close the head Auxiliary pressure gun, one key ten shots, one key flashing gun,-key shaking head gun, one key worshipping gun,-key ghost animal shake, one key looking back gun,-key cutting magnifier,-key cutting thunder Popular mobile games one-click to play highOne-click combo-in the melee, one-click complex combos, stable output, and the end of the move Composite mechanical keys One handle triple mechanical feel Beitong G2 uses three types of manipulator elements, ALPSTM can push down the big rocker, silky and swaying position sensitively to conquer the dead zone; the micro switch shoulder button, the trigger stroke is shorter and the life is longer; touch the switch cross The key press is more crisp. ALPSTM can push down the joystick Shoulder Button: Micro Switch Cross button: pot slices Custom components Precise to the minute to create an exclusive feel Modular interchangeable joystick and arrow keys, adapt to different players' habits and game types. 7mm universal type 8mm fine control type Fluid curve grip Fit the palm of your hand to control your heart Similar fluid mechanics modeling, highly fit with the human palm, comfortable to hold before use. Stepless stretch buckle Fearless big screen calmly respond Beitong G2 has a wide range of applications, including all mainstream Android models on the market with a width of 67~92mm and a thickness of 6~10.5mm. Magnetic three-pole fast charging technology fills two handles at once Magnetic three-pole fast charging technology, the two handles are combined, and one data cable can fill two handles. Dual wireless protocol combination The bottom line of sub-mother connection breakdown delay Innovative dual-mode connection method, stable and fast; Bluetooth 5.0 chip, WiFi 2.4G chip, split line processing handle wireless connection between mobile phone and handle. Product List Handle*2 Data cable*1 Activator*1 Replaceable joystick*1 Replaceable cross keys*1 Electronic Manual & Warranty Card*1

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