Motrona PU210 Level shifter

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Motrona PU210 Level shifter

絞り込み Motrona

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This universal level converter accepts both single as well as dual carriageway at the input encoder signals, either in the RS422-format, as well as with TTL-level or with the HTL (10-30 V) level. If it is a direction-related signal, you can change the direction either by A/B 90° phase offset or through a static direction signal can be specified. Regardless of the level and direction signal at the input, the output of the signals A, /A, B, /B AND Z/Z are available, and the direction of rotation in the A/B -90°-format or as a static signal is available.Inputs and outputs are connected in parallel via inductive coupler isolated and optionally via Sub-D plug or screw terminal strips can be connected.This text is machine translated.


ブランド Motrona
カテゴリー 自動制御部品
製品出荷 User manual
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