Pic Solution Full Wash Anal/Vaginal Enema Douche Travel Kit -Colonic Irrigation

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Pic Solution Full Wash Anal/Vaginal Enema Douche Travel Kit -Colonic Irrigation

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POCD are experts in the delivery of high quality medical supplies and we have sourced these tried and tested Enema Kits from Italy, because we found they were the best all round performer after putting them to the test. We evaluated enema kits against a range of criteria for simplicity, safety, ease of use, practicality, portability, reliability, and durability and visual design. This Artsana enema kit emerged as a clear winner and is excellent value for money, because you can reuse it over and over again. Why we rate this enema kit… The Italians have designed an enema kit that actually looks stylish It has been used safely by thousands of people worldwide. It's easy to use again and again. The position of the tap should prevent the anal tip from being inserted too far, enhancing safety. Unlike other products there are no rubber or latex parts, minimising risk of allergic reaction. Plastic parts are well moulded, robust and durable. This particular enema kit is really simple to clean. Assembly is uncomplicated – no experience is necessary It's possible to visually inspect all parts easily prior to use, which isn't always achievable with other enema kits. There is a small carry bag for discreet storage included. Components can be collapsed for storage and portability when travelling. Replacement parts are available in the enema accessory kit. Enema Kit Contents A visibly incremented 2 L bag with integrated loop, so it can be hung on a wall hook or door handle. A 1.4 m long transparent tube, which gravity feeds the fluid from the bag to the tip. A tap mechanism for easy control when administering an enema. 2 × tips that can be used with the tap – one is an anal cannula and there is a longer vaginal irrigator attachment included as well. How it Works Enema kits facilitate a flush of the lower bowel and are usually administered lying down in a knee bent position. The liquid is fed through a tube by gravity and for evacuation the tip is removed and fluid is expelled into the toilet. This enema kit is supplied with full instructions for use Guidance, Precautions & Storage Before and after you take your enema you should always make sure your equipment is thoroughly clean. Store the enema kit equipment in a secure place out of the reach of children, where it will be safe and cannot be tampered with. Store the enema kit in a constant cool temperature, away from direct heat and damp environments to avoid degradation. Do not fold the enema kit's water tube as it will create a kink in it. We recommend that you replace your enema kit after 30 uses or annually, whichever comes sooner. Beware of the cheaper less reliable enema kits that are sold as Artsana Clones It is inadvisable to share enema kits with other people. User Tips Do not use tap water in your enema kit. For convenience we recommend you use sealed bottles of good quality water such as Evian, stored at body temperature. When administering an enema keep a copy of the instructions handy so you know what to do. Consider using an aloe vera based lubricant, quality organic oil or KY jelly on the tip. It can be handy to rest the end of the enema kit tubing and used enema kit tip into a bowl while you are on the toilet. It can then be used to wash the enema kit equipment when you have finished. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the tip of the enema kit after use. Keep a few towels handy in case of spills or accidents. Medical gloves mean that you don't have to touch anything messy. Prepare a decent detergent and/or sterilising solution for cleaning up after you've finished. Use a clock or timer so you know how long you've been administering an
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