SUBSTRAL® Natural® BIO glue ring, 2.5 m

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SUBSTRAL® Natural® BIO glue ring, 2.5 m

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SUBSTRAL® natural ® organic glue ring, 2.5 mRestriction for plant protection products (PSM):P SM may in principle only be applied to open-air areas if they are used for agriculture, forestry or horticultural purposes. For applications on other areas (so-called non-cultural land such as .B courtyard sands, garage entrances, sidewalks) or for paved areas, you need an exemption from the plant protection service responsible for you (Section 12 para. 2 PflSchG). DescriptionThe natural ® glue ring is a ready-to-use fishing belt that protects fruit and ornamental trees from the insects creeping up on the trunk. Above all, it protects against damage caused by the small and large frost spanner, which can lead to the balding of buds and leaves on all fruit trees and many deciduous trees such as oak, maple, lime and others. In cherries, even the fruits are hollowed outThe natural® glue ring also keeps ants away from the treetop and thus prevents the promotion of leaf lice. In warm autumn weather, approx. At the beginning/mid of October in the ground from the dolls hatching females are unwing. To lay their eggs (200 to 300 pieces) in the treetop, they have to crawl up the tree trunk. In doing so, they remain on the previously attached natural ® glue ring. Application:for: Fruit and ornamental trees against: flightless frost-tensioner-females, leaf-eating caterpillars, blood lice or antsCharacteristics:Catches in autumn the wingless females of the small and large frost spanner from effect: no egg laying in the treecrown, no greedy caterpillars in spring Long-lasting Klebekraf In donor box with Drah beneficial gentle insecticide-free With counting grid for infestation controlUse instructions: Attaching the glue rings at the beginning of OctoberThe tree bark about 40 to 60 cm above the ground with a spatula carefully smooth, so that the caterpillar glue ring is close to the trunk. Binding the glue ring for better adhesion and closer concern to the trunk above and below the glue layer with the enclosed wire On the glue adhesive leaves lead to bridging - they must be removed regularly. In order to prevent the roughing of the caterpillars, which can hatch under the glue ring in February to March, it is recommended to attach a new glue ring in February above the old site - after removal of the old glue ring -The grid present on the glue ring serves to control the emergence of adult pests. In the case of a number of more than one moth/grid, attention should be paid to timely replacement of the glue ring and in spring to possible caterpillar infestation. Tips for use: Application before the 1st frost before the unfused females hatch from the dolls lying in the ground and hike at the trunk towards the treetop to lay their approx. 200 to 300 eggs thereThe glue ring should be placed in the lower third of the trunk, so that flying animals, such as .B birds, do not accidentally get caught in it. If the glue ring hangs over the spring and summer months, it also keeps ants away from the tree canopy and thus prevents the promotion of leaf lice. Application period: year-roundApproval number DE: omittedPacking size: 2.5 mImportant information: Here we provide you with general information about the risks of the use of pesticides for humans, animals and nature households. These take into account user protection, proper storage, handling and application as well as safe disposal in accordance with waste regulations and low-risk plant protection options. Information on general handling, storage and disposal of plant protection products can be found here on the website of the BVL (Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety). Download "Buyer's information sheet on the supply of plant protection products in mail order and internet trade"Download info sheet "Plant protection correctly"Download "Safety data sheet" for this productuse permitted by non-professional users. This product information does not replace compliance with the instructions for use and does not claim to be complete. Always read the label and product information before use. Observe warnings and symbols in the instruction manual.
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