Winter Car Windshield Ice Scraper Glass Snow Brush Extendable Snow Remover

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Winter Car Windshield Ice Scraper Glass Snow Brush Extendable Snow Remover

Snow Shovel SetSnow shovel
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Material: ABS Fit for vehicle type: General purpose Package: A:Snow shovel*1 B:Snow shovel*1,Oxford shovel*1,Towel*1,Gloves*1 pair Instructions for use: 1. Firmly hold the shovel handle of the frost shovel, make the shovel head close to the windshield; 2. A 10-70 degree angle is formed between the rear side of the shovel head and the glass; 3. Move up and down or left and right to eliminate frost. Features: Nylon brush: low temperature resistance, remarkable snow removal effect, no damage to car paint Snow removal shovel head: It is made of ABS high-strength plastic casting, which is hard and firm, has excellent low temperature resistance, and can shovel snow Snow guide groove design, snow removal cleaner The inside of the handle is a high-quality aluminum rod with high strength and good toughness The retractable aluminum alloy rod can freely adjust the length, which is convenient for cleaning the ice and snow, and is suitable for various models One shovel for dual purposes, easy to get rid of the trouble of winter snow and ice, car maintenance is necessary In addition to removing snow and frost from cars, it can also sweep electric vehicles, bicycles, houses covered by heavy snow, and glass doors and windows. [Precautions]: Do not directly touch the front tip to the surface of the car body to avoid scratching the surface paint of the car.

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