Wireless Game Controller Betop Zb2585n2s (black)

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Wireless Game Controller Betop Zb2585n2s (black)

  • Brand: Betop
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feature Type: wireless controller Target users: Android phones, iPhones, PCs, set-top boxes (Android 4.0 or higher operating systems) tablets, tablets (ioS 9.0 or higher systems) smart TVs Connection method: wireless Game performance: hardcore Product features: asymmetrical somatosensory vibration Product size: 156*105*62.5 mm Product weight: 670 grams Power supply: 5V1A Product advantages Bluetooth 5: Faster transmission than Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless 2.4G: 10 meters stable without delay Competition gaming joystick, sensitive and accurate fine-tuning Cordless adapts to all platforms, mobile phonescomputerstabletsTVs. Bluetooth 5 and wireless 2.4G double bonus, cordless battle on multiple platforms Using original imported Nordic multi-mode chip, Bluetooth 5 and wireless 2.4G dual addition, multiple modes without delay of 10 meters, one core to get rid of the shackles, cordless connection to multiple platforms. Bluetooth 5 Transmit more, faster and wider Bluetooth 5 communication protocol, the transmission speed is faster than Bluetooth 4.2, multiple operation instructions are transmitted at the same time without missing, release your operation strength, open the mirror and shoot the headshot. Wireless 2.4G Strong anti-interference stability without delay Equipped with a 2.4G wireless receiver, it can continuously search for and connect to high-quality signals, strong anti-interference, and ensure stable data transmission without delay, and no disconnection at the moment of victory. The game ALPSTM gaming joystick thunder and lightning changes the position and shakes the opponent Equipped with Japanese original ALPSTM gaming joystick, continuous direction output, lightning sensitive steering, and a victory for professional gaming. High: sampling frequency Multi: key-value output Fast: Lightning transmission Easy to load and unload, golden viewing angle, stretchable Sensitive rotation: handy for directional passing Fine-tune positioning: accurately sniper a headshot Prevent 3D vertigo: customize the sensitivity adjustment, remove the vertigo of 3D shooting games and reduce the difficulty of aiming. One-key combo: set one button to correspond to multiple key positions, and press a button to make a combo. One-click weapon change: Customize a button to record the change-up gesture, and press and hold the button to switch weapons with one button. Multi-stage NOBLETM linear trigger is controlled like the accelerator The LT/RT button adopts the Japanese NOBLETM linear potentiometer, and the swing lever trigger structure allows the key value to be output sensitively, and the linear acceleration control like a throttle allows the offset brakeThe car retracts freely. STM is one step faster than clicking the mouse LB/RB button adopts Japanese ALPSTM mechanical touch micro switch, no pre-pressure to conquer Delay, create a faster response, and make quick moves. Asymmetric somatosensory vibration Every impact is immersive The left and right grips have built-in enhanced asymmetric somatosensory vibration motors, which can be adjusted according to the game scene. Provides N kinds of vibration effects, giving you an immersive sense of substitution. TURBO one-click burst Cut the grass and pass the customs quickly and effortlesslyPressTURBO+function keyto set the one-key burst function, press and hold the function key to It is equivalent to pressing madly for N times, continuously attacking, and clearing the level one step faster. Large capacity flash rechargeable lithium battery Faster charging, longer lasting black The intelligent current management chip is equipped with a 600mAh lithium battery to achieve BETOP flash charging and energy saving Technology, long-lasting games are cool and refreshing. Mobile phone holder + Android activator Mobile game companion is fully equipped on the battlefield The set contains an exclusive mobile phone holder, compatible with mainstream models of all brands on the market, and comes with an Android activator, which is activated when connected, and comes with a full set of equipment to eat chicken on the battlefield Play as much as you like Withstand 2,000,000 rocker rotations The automatic pressing and shaking tester is used to strictly perform 2 million rocker rotation tests and 500,000 pressing tests, so that the product is of high quality and durable. Note: The compatible mobile phone width is between 46~83mm Product List: Beitong Asura 2 gamepadMulti-mode version*1 Wireless receiver*1 Charging cable*1 Mobile phone holder*1 Android activator*1 Electronic manual *1 Warranty card*1

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